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In creating irresistibly unique, homemade confections, our passion, at PuddinRiver Chocolates, is to deliver an exquisite taste sensation unlike any other. Our team, led by Owner and Chief Chocolatier, Teresa Sasse, never rests. It’s that look on each customers face, a look of overwhelming delight, a stunning ‘WOW!’ factor, driving all of us.  We feel blessed to fulfill our passion every day, creating recipes unlike any others and producing elegant European-style chocolates right in Teresa’s home town of Canby, Oregon.

Teresa drew deeply on her Amish heritage and family values in creating PuddinRiver Chocolates.  Traditions like hard work and an insistence on top quality were believed to lead to a fruitful and loving environment for family and community.  Teresa grew up using local ingredients in the best of ways:  gardening, canning and cooking homemade meals as a way of life and an expression of love.  Results, then and today, anchored strong family values and ties to the community. PuddinRiver Chocolates incorporates these values in everything we do.

Homemade and handcrafted

Puddin River Chocolate creates our chocolates and confections the old fashioned way, by hand.  Loyal customers serve as our professional testers and we listen to their opinions.  Insisting on the highest quality free trade cocoa from around the world,  local ingredients like nuts, berries and dairy products are featured everywhere possible


While our creations are inspired by Amish family recipes handed down through generations, our Chief Chocolatier doesn’t stop there.  Each recipe is tinkered and tested, expanded with Teresa’s creativity. We pair dark and milk chocolates with over 37 truffle flavors – and create wide ranging confections beyond truffles.  Our customers can’t seem to agree on their favorites, from our rich gourmet, dark chocolate hazelnut toffee, to our salted caramels and bordeaux creams designed to pair with fine wines, we invite you to experience them all.